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The best way to play online casino games

When you start playing different games online, you’ll have noticed that there are different options available for how to play your favourite casino games. As well as deciding which of the many casino sites you’re going to play on, you also need to decide whether to download casino software or simply play through the internet browser with instant play casinos.

Most of the major casino sites give players both choices, but on some casinos it’s only possible to play the games if you download the appropriate software. Players can choose to play directly with Instant Casino on their internet browser or to download the 32red casino software directly onto their pc. If you choose to download the software, the site gives step-by-step instructions of how to download, install and register the software so you can be playing within minutes – either for fun or with real money. But with over 500 games to choose from on Instant Play, you may decide you have more than enough choice without downloading the software.

So why would you choose one way of playing over the other? Of course, it’s up to each person to decide what suits them best. There are advantages and disadvantages to both ways of playing.

Instant Play

The great thing about flash casinos or instant play is that you can play on any device that you have an internet connection with. There’s no need to play at the same machine every time you want to go onto your favourite casino site as all you need is access through a good internet browser, so instant play is more flexible than download casino.

Instant play is really handy when you’re trying out a new casino site that you haven’t played on before. You can play a few different games and get an idea of what the site is like, and whether it suits you, without the need to download a program onto your computer first.

For people who don’t feel comfortable downloading programs from the internet, instant play offers a great solution. Though the graphics may not be quite as good as those on download, generally the quality on instant play is pretty high these days. If you play games every now and then and consider yourself a recreational player rather than a pro, instant play is probably the most convenient choice.


The advantage of downloading the casino software is that you will end up with a fuller player experience. Often casinos offer more games on their downloadable software than on the instant play site, so you get a bigger choice of games to play.

The disadvantage is that you have to download the software onto each computer or laptop that you want to do gaming on, and it will take up some of the memory.

Of course, downloading software is not a choice that you have to live with. You always have the option of uninstalling software if you decide you no longer want to use it.

The best idea is to find a site that you like playing on and start out with instant play. If you find that you’re missing out on anything, you could always choose to download at a later date!

Poker is easy to learn but difficult to master - "John Mayers"

There is an old saying, which says that poker is easy to learn but difficult to master, as it requires a player to read the opponents and know whether they are bluffing or they have a solid hand. However, knowing the unique poker tactics can make sure that the players make the most out of the poker game. The following are some unique poker tactics, which the players can use to have advantage over their opponents.

The first tactics to know is that you need to focus on the two cards you hold as the rest of the cards are community cards. It is always better to know what the community cards could mean to the opponents. Always keep your eyes open for your opponents’ flush and straight possibilities.

The other unique poker tactic to master is to learn to evaluate cards. One thing you need to keep in mind is that never reveal anything with your reaction. Even a slight reaction can help an opponent to have an advantage over you in the game.

If you master these unique poker tactics, then you will surely be able to gain advantage over your opponents in a game of poker. 

Some good info we should all remember:

Playing mobile blackjack for real money has never been as exciting as it is today with the new developments in mobile technology. Gamers at the Wild Jacks Mobile Casino are invited to play blackjack on their handheld mobile device at their convenience when they sign into the casino's blackjack room

3 US Poker Sites that you should check out

Some American recreational poker players have the misguided perception that they have no options available with regard to online poker reviews sites. However, the reality is that there are several good US poker sites offering great service, big bonuses, frequent promotions and excellent customer support. A few of these sites are even well known for their tendency to attract lots of fish! This being said, let's discuss three great online poker rooms for US players and what they have to offer.

1. Bovada Poker

Part of the Bodog network, Bovada has risen to become a first-class destination for Americans. A great starting reason to love this site is that they have a commitment to attracting recreational players. The Bodog network blocks third-party data mining sites, which means that a lot of pros stay away from Bovada since their advantage is reduced. Another perk to playing here involves big tournaments. Every week Bovada offers some very large events, including the Sunday $100k Gtd. Players can also look forward to a revolving door of fresh promotions every 1-2 months, such as WSOP prize packages, cash bonuses, vacation packages and sportsbook tie-ins.

2. Carbon Poker

The big reason why we didn't put Carbon Poker number one on this list is because their player competition isn't as weak as Bovada's. Even still, there's more than enough to like about Carbon, beginning with their software, which is loaded with user-friendly features and compatible with mobile devices. Anybody who's looking for a big signup bonus will be more than pleased with Carbon's offer to first-time players: a 200% match bonus up to $5,000! Game variety is another major perk of this poker site because they offer Hold'em, 5 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw, 2-7 Draw Lowball, Badugi, HORSE and Razz. Carbon features more game variations than any of the US poker sites.

3. BetOnline Poker

Players won't exactly be blown away by BetOnline's software, tournament prize pools or promotions. So why do we include them among the best US-friendly poker rooms? Two reasons: horrible players and reputability. Beginning with the former, this site is full to the brim with fish who don't really care about big tourneys or frequent promotions - they just want to play poker, and badly at that. BetOnline is among the best sites for mediocre players to earn profits. The reputability aspect comes in knowing that this operation has been around since 1991, offering great service all along the way.

Fortune Frenzy: POWER to your hand

Twenty years ago the idea of being able to hold a device in one hand capable of communicating around the world, running pin-sharp movies and crystal clear audio reads like an Arthur C Clarke novel.

Yet today, we hold these devices in our hands as if they’ve been around since the beginning of time. Technology races on and becomes more entwined with our very existence, our very being. With the advent of HD screens making their way to smartphone devices only a few years ago pioneers of the gaming industry clambered over each other to create a visually stunning gaming master piece. One mobile game managed to stand out from all others to deliver a HD gaming experience found only in the vibrant and exciting halls tables of a real-life marquee casino.

Magical combination Fortune Frenzy manages to combine all the authenticity, thrills and spills of a luxurious casino right into the palm of your hand. By harnessing the power of today’s mobile phone technology the casino is brought to you anywhere and anytime.

With its rapid and exhilarating gameplay mechanics you can enjoy games such as Pots O’ Plenty on the bus, Mayan Moola on the train or the Fizz Factory in the back of the cab on your commute to work. What becomes more exciting is the fact that FortuneFrenzy gives out many bonus codes and promotionsduring your game time meaning playing on your iPhone and Android can really pay off! Whether you consider yourself a casino specialist or a mobile gaming hotshot Fortune Frenzy will cater for all you needs.

Game changer

However, Fortune Frenzy continually manages to surpass expectations and delivers a new player bonus package found nowhere else. To start, Fortune Frenzy allows every new player the opportunity to play for free thanks to its generous deposit offer of £5. As soon as players have enjoyed their first taster Fortune Frenzy brings out the big guns and matches anything you throw at it up to £150 by 100% plus an additional bonus of £50 on the second deposit just to make sure.

Caught your breath back yet? Well Fortune Frenzy can’t stop giving you dosh as they match any bonus up to £25 meaning news player get HUGE welcome package totalling £225! Fortune Frenzy raised the bar in mobile gaming and continues to do so today with the addition of its HD gaming suite and stunning new games such as Fizz Factory. Those that enjoy gaming will simply be blown away by Fortune frenzy’s gaming power.

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